Drug Possession Montgomery County Texas Archives:

December 22, 2019

Drug Possession Montgomery County Texas

Possession with Intent to Deliver / Manufacture Controlled Substance

The police stopped our client for an illegal lane change, crossing 4 lanes of traffic to exit the highway, and the client consented to a search. The police charged our client with a  misdemeanor marijuana. The judge dismissed the case before going to trial. Afterwards, the client is eligible to expunge the case, and the client maintained his drivers license.    

Drug Possession Texas

Furthermore, drug possession offenses can vary depending on the drug, the amount of the drug found, and if applicable, a valid prescription. Intent to deliver, or distribute, can consist of factors including: past drug offenses, possession of drug paraphernalia, and how the person stored the drug. To learn more about Drug Possession Offenses in Texas click here, Section 481.122, Texas Health and Safety Code    

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