The best time to consult an attorney is when you believe an investigation could occur.

Many people make the mistake of speaking with the police, investigators or employees of other law enforcement agencies prior to consulting an attorney. This could put any offender in jail, but it could be especially harmful for parolees.

If you feel that you may have committed a parole violation or have been arrested and face a parole revocation, contact us today to speak with an experienced Conroe Criminal Lawyer about your case.

Our Conroe Criminal Lawyer Handles All Parole Violations

In the state of Texas, a violation of parole could be:

  • An arrest during your period of parole
  • Missing a course or treatment meeting assigned to you per your parole agreement
  • Drug offenses (including possession of drugs)
  • Possession of a firearm
  • Traveling or moving out of the state of Texas
  • And more…


Our Conroe Criminal Lawyers work quickly to ensure that the rights of every parolee client are protected.

Following a parole violation, you and one of our Conroe criminal lawyers will attend a parole violation hearing. At this hearing, it will be decided if you merit any more legal consequences. Sometimes, a violation of parole will result in going back to prison, but it doesn’t have to with an experienced and aggressive Conroe criminal defense attorney by your side.

If you are facing a parole revocation, let us help you. Contact our office today to speak with a Conroe criminal lawyer about your case.

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