Possession with Intent to Deliver /Manufacture Controlled Substance

Client was stopped for illegal lane change, crossing 4 lanes of traffic to exit the highway. Client consented to a search and misdemeanor marijuana was found. Case was dismissed when called for trial. 18 year old Client is eligible to expunge the case and maintained his drivers license.

Possession of Controlled Substance

Client was charged with felony possession of THC oil. Was able to get charges reduced to misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Client pled to a misdemeanor deferred adjudication (DADJ).  The result means that the Client will not have a license suspension and will be able to have the case dismissed upon completion of the DADJ Probation.

Evading Arrest Detention with Vehicle/ Possession of Marijuana

Defendant was charged with felony evading in a vehicle and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Client plead to deferred adjudication on the misdemeanor marijuana case which will allow for it to be dismissed after one year. Felony evading  in a vehicle charge was dismissed.