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Providing attorney representation in Texas since 1998

We are on your side. We have been standing up for the rights of people charged with crimes in Montgomery County, Texas, and surrounding counties since 1998. We will fight to protect your freedom and your good name. We have experience in handling all types of criminal cases and our results have earned us a good reputation with our clients, prosecutors, courts, and other defense attorneys.

When to call a Conroe or The Woodlands Criminal Lawyer

The best time to consult an attorney is when you believe an investigation could occur. Many people make the mistake of speaking with the police, investigators or employees of other law enforcement agencies prior to consulting an attorney. Please, for your sake, DO NOT SPEAK WITH POLICE OR INVESTIGATORS until you have consulted with us. These people are trained with different techniques to try and get a “confession” or, at least, a statement with language in it that could be used as a confession. Do Not Help Them prosecute you. Invoke your right to an attorney and against self-incrimination. Furthermore, do not make the mistake of thinking that this advice is only for people who are guilty. It is not. Innocent people get charged with crimes every day. Innocent people get convicted of crimes and are sent to prison every week. Many of those times, people’s words have been twisted and used against them. We will not charge you for the initial consultation. Please take advantage of being able to talk with us for free.

An Honest Approach to Legal Advice

We will give you honest advice. We will not sugar coat our opinions just to get you to hire us. We will tell you the truth. We know what is necessary to protect your rights and your freedom and honesty between client and attorney is an important part of that equation.

We understand that good people make mistakes and that people are often wrongly accused of crimes. We also understand that some people are guilty of that with which they are accused and just want the best deal they can get. Our goal is to achieve the most favorable results for our clients. Sometimes this means a dismissal. Sometimes it means a trial. Oftentimes it means a plea agreement is reached with the prosecuting attorney. Plea agreements may be with or without a conviction and could consist of jail time, a fine only, or probation. If you hire us, we will give you an honest assessment of your case after carefully evaluating all pertinent facts and researching any legal issues.



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